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Not that there is anything wrong with that, but my presentation was intended for a male-to-female audience.

The female-to-males would be bored, so I hoped they would at least enjoy the occasional attempts at humor that peppered my presentation.

The winning design is then used by King Malbert (Jay Leno) to blackmail the rest of the world into filling the kingdom's coffers. Schadenfreude (Eddie Izzard) steals the best idea -- with the help of his girlfriend Jacyln (Jennifer Coolidge) -- and takes all the glory. The best invention turns out to be Igor's: a gargantuan fiend named Eva (Molly Shannon) who fancies herself an actress.

With the help of his self-made companions Brain (Sean Hayes) and Scamper (Steve Buscemi), our hero must convince the creature that she's truly evil, or lose a chance at his dream once and for all. Hot-to-trot Kate Winslet as a scorchingly foul-mouthed Irish hussy.

Turned out that apizza was served at 7 PM, so most of the attendees showed up early to dine on the cuisine.

It has been almost seven years since I attended a COS meeting, so I was not surprised that I did not recognize many faces, but I was surprised that there were a few female-to-males in attendance.

" Family, infidelity, and a basketful of pop tunes for everyone to sing along to -- Ute Lemper to Connie Francis to Bruce Springsteen to James Brown to Tom Jones to....

In the imaginative new animated feature Igor, director Anthony Leondis and writer Chris Mc Kenna try to change our perception of the often marginalized character.

While there's imagination to spare, the storyline is often bogged down by obvious animation conventions.

Continue reading: Romance & Cigarettes Review The jazzy music, saturated-to-bleeding colors, and even the credits font make it clear from the outset: Ocean's Thirteen is more variety show than heist thriller.

The gang of thieves from Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's Twelve is re-assembled, and while their new scam is more of a group effort than the scattered riffing of Twelve, its building-block cons are as cool and varied as ever.

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