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- Due to the Open CL detection, your screen may flicker or turn off temporarily. REMINDER TO ALL ALPHA TESTERS: It's far easier for the developers to fix problems when you send message logs with the appropriate flags set.The main flags are: Report any problems you get with it to the Alpha email list. When sending logs or other attachments, make sure to CC David, Rom, or Charlie separately, since the email list will drop attachments!Set the temporary exit delay to one day if an incompatible version is detected.

Please report bugs to this email list ([email protected]). ----- Rom Disclaimer On development versions of BOINC: - Expect parts of it to be broken, or in the least to work in a different way than you are used to.

Hence why it's better for all concerned that you report the problem directly to the developers, who will come back directly to you when they need more information or better logs or to tell you that they've checked in a fix for the specific problem.

The actual change log was taken from the Alpha email list and the Trac Timeline repository changes check-ins, but it can happen that changes in the list are missing, or misplaced.

In enforce_run_list(), don't count the RAM usage of NCI tasks.

NCI tasks run sporadically, so it doesn't make to count it; doing so can starve regular jobs in some cases. * WIN: Reintroduce the application manifest for the core client.

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