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Until recently, local searches on international sites generally threw up profiles of people soliciting escort services or worse.But the new Indian sites spend a lot of time keeping "creeps" away.Related: John Mc Afee Offers Ashley Madison Post-Hack Analysis Investors and customers alike want to see return that can be measured against the costs.

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Recent ones that I have noticed include Doggies Match for pet dating, Our Time for singles over 50 and Supernatural Dating for paranormal enthusiasts.Singles in neighbouring China, too, are hooking up online, and the market there is expected to reach 5 million by 2014."In many ways, the mindset of people in China and India is similar," says Anita Dharamshi, one of the founders of Two "We both come from traditional, conservative cultures and are now embracing a more progressive view on many things - in this case, dating, relationships and marriage." She says dating sites have been around in China for over a decade, while India is just getting started.Facebook spent 0 million before positive cash flow.For a new startup, the best way to assure survival is to file patents or other intellectual property to keep future competitors from copying your success.

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