Im not interested in dating

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Unfortunately for them, having 100% control and a monopoly over your partner is a form of oppression and a bad structure to build a relationship on top of. Primarily one that is built with trust, honesty and respect.As you know there are many attributes and traits required to make a relationship successful, so here I have listed a few vital qualities that I feel are absolutely necessary to make a relationship work.

This is partly why more and more people are not interested in dating anymore. Relationships are by and large a volatile, hazardous, dynamic component of a balanced life.When I was young, dumb and immature – I had this belief that relationships, marriage, children and monogamy were an absolute necessity in life.During my teens I treated this as if it was a rudimentary aspect of being an adult in the 21st century, and the next step in life; ‘the right direction’, if you will.If you want a relationship to work, you have to invest a lot of resources and make many sacrifices including: Simply put, the nature of most relationships will only break you down as your experiences have taught you.However on the other side, some people don’t deserve to have healthy relationships purely because they lack the essential qualities required to make it work. They want loving relationships but they want to control everything in the process.

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