I kissed dating goodbye thoughts

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Sometimes the despair would trigger wild rebellion.

If they’re “ruined,” then why should they care about obedience?

Harris has famously repented of his past legalism, and that makes his departure from the faith particularly poignant.

He helped define young people by their sin, and then he left.

But it was incumbent upon me — in the limited time that I had in leadership — to tell the truth, and the truth was that legalism is its own kind of sin.

To create burdens where Christ did not is an act of arrogance. And, sadly, it’s a way of life in all too many Christian churches.

This is what writer Katelyn Beaty called the “sexual prosperity gospel,” an “if/then” transactional relationship with God that manufactures a series of promises from scripture and then creates a form of Christian entitlement and expectation.

“I did what you asked, Lord, now may I see my reward?

They would walk into marriage diminished in some crucial ways. He was no longer — and never would be — the person he wanted to be.” Beaty’s critique is well taken, and it’s certainly true that purity culture built a series of (often wildly unrealistic) expectations about the marriage relationship that awaited kids who courted. Each one of those things altered a person’s self-definition.But I think it did something even darker — in its effect (if not its intent), it reversed the gospel message, teaching Christian kids that they risked being defined by their sins, not by Christ. They were no longer “pure.” They could never be “pure” again. A young person would come to me and say, “I screwed up.” They would really mean, “I’m ruined.” Their storybook dreams were dead.There are two states of being — virgin or not, teetotaler or not — and if you’re not, then you might as well indulge yourself.Other times the despair would trigger constant, nagging guilt and regret.

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