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Still, there are a few ways you can examine Fiesta bottom marks and Fiestaware stamps in order to determine how old Fiestaware is.

Before trying to identify your Fiesta marking, it”s important to note that there are two types of Fiesta logo stamps – ink Fiesta logo stamps and imprinted Fiesta markings.

If that is helpful to you, it is an option if you can find an organization willing to take them.

My first line is to check around in the family first to see if someone loves them and wants them!

This is a page about finding the value of Homer Laughlin dinnerware. Most young people don't want fancy dishes, so selling locally is always a challenge even if they have market value.

It all depends on someone's whim at the moment.

I did a Google search from the stamp on the back of all the dishes. Can anyone tell me if these dishes are worth anything and if so about how much. I have:1 - platter7 - plates4 - salad bowls5 - little bowl4 - little plates8 - little bit bigger plates1 - cup1 - thing to pour with1 - container with a lid I inherited my grandmother's Homer Laughlin (HLC) dinnerware, that was bought as a gift for her in 1952 by my father who worked at HLC making the color that goes on the dishes. I sold a bunch of another HL pattern there a few years ago and was very pleased!

"Eggshell Nautilus USA D51N5" When I typed this in for a Google search it was the wrong pattern. I have 10 full place settings, with all the bowls and plates, the teapot, creamer, sugar bowl, several casseroles, several platters, serving bowls, and 10 cup and saucer sets. They are beautiful, the Lady Stratford pattern, with 24k gold, and roses. Why dont you follow this link for the length of the auction? I am wanting to know the age or approximately the age and the value of a Homer Laughlin piece.

With Fiesta backstamps that are in INK ONLY, you can identify and old piece of Fiestaware by the case of the letters.The warehouse is in immaculate condition, with only 1 chip that I found after going through everything. This one has some of the serving pieces and is only 5 place settings. It is one that you obviously would not use and it looks to have been hand-painted and has the crackle effect.I am curious as the whether this will have any value. Any information about this would be greatly appreciated.The bonus to this method is smashing china when you are having a bad day is a great stress reliever :) Good luck!! You will need the size of your pitcher to go with photos and an accurate condition statement. Fiesta ware being the most popular and the early/original pieces still sell well. they can confirm my info which this may be from the early 1900s (although sadly not one of the more sought after HL item): This one that looks identical to yours sold on ebay for under a best offer of (which means they could have taken 12.99 down to one penny (plus shipping). still seems to exist today, in the form of Homer Laughlin China Co and also Fiesta, all seem to provide a range of values in a more rugged aesthetic than your average fine china The other interesting thing about this company is that at one pt it seemed to acquire Hall China, which I know for a fact is a very lauded and collectible antique china hlcdinnerware.com/I purchased a Homer Laughlin piece at a local auction a few years back. Here is a little history:https:// com/t-about.aspxe Bay and Replacements, LTD are the best places to find almost true value of china - what someone will actually pay.

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