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I would see my mom getting up to leave for dads room and leave the room. Whenever dad went on business trips, she used to sleep with us in one bedroom. There was silence of a few moments and I started sucking at her big white tits again then I heard her say, You know your father isnt fun lately. He just likes to fuck me straight forward and he cums before satisfying me. And then I wanted to be with someone who can satisfy me. She got up, placed her knees on my sides and sat on my belly. She raised her hand and grabbed my cock from the base. I knew when you peeped at me in the bathroom but I was just waiting for you. And with that she pushed me back so I was lying on my back. Mom took out her tongue an licked the drops of pre cum from the tip of my cock. Then mom lowered her mouth and took the head of my cock in her mouth. After sometime, mom started sucking whole length of my shaft and now it was my turn to moan, Oh!

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