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No community or server owner could be flexible in this system.

If you're using Windows Vista or XP, Discord will not work on your system.

https:// Free account have no tangible restrictions.

Holstering more than 1M users, at least 10 or more Open Source Communities, ranging from Fedora, XFCE, Open SUSE, Vue.js, Discord is the 21st century's answer to a IRC alternative.It has completely displaced Team Speak, Mumble, and Skype for gamers, and it's slowly taking over the rest of the market as well. Fast, snappy performance, slick interface, easy to use and manage, lots of configurability, bot and API support, webhooks, and it's completely free with no ads!I can't imagine why anyone would use anything else, unless you have a very specific use case that Discord doesn't cover.I highly recommend this website more than anything.If you're just looking to chat with friends, then it's super easy and simple to use, but if you want to run a server with 500 people, then that can be a little more time consuming(while still easy to learn). Not for gaming but you can also use in other like i am in a hacking server name netsecstudents you can also join for other stuff.sorry for my english. They claim it's easy to manage permissions, but many people find it to be very vague and elementary.

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