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Design, build, and test a 1700hp Pro Stock engines, passenger-car daily drivers, Sport-Compact engines with Variable-Valve-Timing, or motorcycle engines!With nearly one thousand built in shortblock configurations, a wide variety of domestic and import induction systems, hundreds of forced-induction choices, and much more!Dyno Sim6 will help you understand why your engine makes power and show you where you need to focus your efforts to improve performance.Dyno Sim6 also includes advanced forced-induction modeling.Dyno Sim6 is intuitive and encourages you to “play” and test new ideas!With Dyno Sim6 you’ll quickly optimize performance in any engine!You can determine, at a glance, intake and exhaust pressures, charge flow, and of course Power, Torque, VE, Airflow, Valve Lift, and much more!The new displays let you locate and minimize intake reversion, correct miss-timed exhaust pulses, locate flow restrictions, and more.

Dyno Sim6 not only has better accuracy and many new features, it still is very easy to use! Our Direct-Click™ interface lets you select any engine component on the left side of the screen, change any specs, then view the simulation results on the right!

It will accurately display how much power an engine will produce, but it will also show you why it makes that power and where you should put your efforts to optimize performance! All engine components and specifications are clearly visible.

Change components simply by clicking on any Direct-Click™ menu.

Dyno Sim6 displays internal pressures and flows and let‘s you quickly change components and specs to optimize cylinder filling.

Easy-to-read graphs and tables give you an Dyno Sim6 lets you build a virtually unlimited range of engines, from humble single-cylinder engines to exotic V-16 racing powerplants.

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