Expat dating in south korea

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If you’re not so hot, I’m sure your date can either offer some helpful tips and tricks, or at least some entertainment value if he or she is just as bad!

Last weekend I finally got to check out Olympic Park.

When things are still pretty fresh a beautiful setting can’t hurt to set the mood! The Some Sevit, or Floating Islands, and Tubester boats in Han River.

Search "Tubester" on if you want to try this unique activity in Seoul with your beloved ones!

If you’re taking your date to Namsan Tower, it’s because you’re in lurrrrrve.

Be prepared with lock and key in hand because Seoul N Tower is, indeed, for lovers.

This scenic setting is perfect to relax and actually get to know one another, and there are plenty of places for that perfect “we just started dating” awkward selfie (I actually have one of those with the guy who took the above picture. Any time you can spend just wandering around and chatting tends to be valuable when deciding whether or not you want to continue seeing this person.

It’s always fun to follow your nose or see where your date wants to take theirs!

I’ve often wondered about the Meat Pie Place in Itaewon called “The Little Pie”.

There are some small restaurants, fast food eateries, and a mini stop, so you don’t need much in the way of preparation if you head over that way on a first date! In the spring this is said to be one of the best places in Seoul to catch the cherry blossoms.

Special mention to Yeouido Hangang Park where you can hang out by the Han River, see the “I. About a month ago I spent the afternoon learning how to place bets on horses racing in various areas of Korea.

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