Excel macros updating other files Dating in east sussex

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It is not long before they have a spiders web of links across multiple workbooks.

When a link updates it does not update any sub-links contained in the linked file.

That means Excel files can be read without opening them, pretty cool eh?

Though, Excel will ask for the password when updating the link to a protected file.

The following method can help you to solve this task in Excel.

Run a macro at same across multiple workbooks with VBA code To run a macro across multiple workbooks without opening them, please apply the following VBA code: 1.

If your colleague opens a file and changes some values, the link will not retrieve the updated value until the file is saved.

But we can push this further and use a linked file within other formulas and functions.

The following shows the VLOOKUP function with the table_array argument referencing cells in a linked workbook.

An Excel file is constructed in a specific way to be read by the Excel application. This means you can keep retrieving values from files which no longer exist!!!

When a link is created, the linking file keeps a copy of the data from the linked file. the calculation will continue to return values from the cached source file.

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