Embarssing dating stories

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Oddly enough he found me awhile back on a dating site and said a lot had changed and asked for a second chance. She was into me but I was just in college and going through a douchebaggy "alright try to sleep with every girl you hang out with" phase and I'm sure I came off really awkwardly and desperate because she was not into it as time went on.I kept complimenting her looks and winking at her (oh my god why did I think that was smooth) while she tried to make real conversation and she was very visibly awkward about it. Kind of a dick move if it's someone who actually likes you, and if you don't get laid you'll feel like a tool instead of having enjoyed the night.Lol, As with most cringeworthy happenings, it’s always nice to know that we’re not alone.Courtesy of Reddit, here are some of the most awkward first date stories that will make you LOL and squirm, probably at the same time.I was understandably concerned, and told her we would go outside, bag up the offending poo in the garden, bin it, and pretend the whole sorry affair had never happened.

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He then began to ask really odd questions like if I liked fat guys(he was heavy but I mean I don't have a fetish or anything so idk what to say) and asked if I thought he should lose weight etc.

He also wore the cringiest outfit of a tshirt with a Wo W reference over top of a collared shirt with cargo shorts and a fedora. Then halfway through our meal he grabbed my hands and said "lavaheadx, I love you" and I noped the fuck out.

He ESPECIALLY explained to me how he believes that due to genetics black people can never be as smart as white people. And that wouldn't have been so bad but we went to see a movie after we grabbed a bite to eat, and even during the film, he kept murmuring to me through out the whole thing.

Henceforth it is only logical that the living conditions in Africa are worse than in Europe and that they are only a few black people “on top”. Imagine four or so hours with someone who's just talking at you with nary a pause.

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