Elf dating sim rpg cheats

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In order to max out every item in your inventory you can type "Conspiracy" into the cheat screen.Your character has a number of stats to choose from at the beginning of the game, like romance, strength and speed.Certain game cheats allow you to avoid actually wooing anyone by giving away things like maximum stats with certain characters.Enter the cheats when you start a new game at the cheat entry screen.Make sure you talk to the girl you want everyday to cease being stranger, and become her friend (or maybe more than that~)You also have to select "ASK" after selecting a girl, in order to advance the relationship.So, from personal experience, I give you all the random answers I found while talking/dating each of the girls.There are six elven women to choose from in this game and each one has a maximum of 8,000 experience points.

No they are usally in obviously places here and the hardest thing is just reading them. good idea sweetie for thinkin of asking Here are some more cheats if you need them. (Glinda, Elphaba, Fantine, Nessarose, Cosette, Eponine) you can skip the intro by pressing any random button. If you are done spending your available stats, press space and you'll get to confirm your data. There are six different stats you can add points to and train later on.PS be careful with DRESS MY BABE V you can accidently take here clothes off Cosette1-998-5426-377 18 Years Old Date of Birth: Nov 11. Waist: 48 Born Under Sign: The thief Game: Lord of the Rings Battle Weight: 41 Kg. You will first get the fancy intro that introduces all the girls. Do this wisely because every girl likes other stats and some jobs require some stats above others.

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