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For me, this is product and marketing, the thing I sell and the thing that gets me customers.For you, this is whatever grows your business and your profit the fastest.Here’s how it works: we get about 90-120 minutes of feeling energized, focused, and motivated.Then, we experience a natural drop in energy during a period of about 20-30 minutes.It turns out that if we just relax for about 20 mins or so, the energy cycle comes back all by itself, naturally. Burn out is much harder to recover from than simply allowing the cycle that is already occurring naturally.If we engage and align the three most important areas of our lives – the physical, mental, and emotional, we can get back in tune with the natural rhythm that’s already occurring.Between your 1 hour blocks, you might take a 5 minute break to stretch and then jump right back in.

Instead, we attempt to “power through” the falls in energy.

From breathing to our heartbeat to the blinking of our eyes to our emotion cycles and the firing of the neurons in our brains.

We have daily cycles such as the circadian rhythm of sleeping and waking.

This solution is a format and philosophy for managing your time and energy at work to boost your physical, mental, and emotional states and work more productively.

In the 60-60-30 Solution, you work in 2 blocks of 1 hour. In the first 2 hours, you focus on your high value work.

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