Downloadable adult sex dating apps

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Hubby and I found that reading stories privately, then sending each other links to the ones that turned us on was hot.And more than that, it gave us a whole new way to communicate our desires.

It's comfortable, fun—it can even be adventurous—but in long-term relationships, consistently great sex takes work.

Even just the act of can bring you and your partner closer.

When you’ve been together awhile, it’s tempting to go for the "routine:" the little sexual sequence you develop that doesn’t take too long, gives you both an orgasm, and means you’re asleep by 11 on a weeknight.

But I’ve learned that understanding your menstrual cycle is the most active step you can take towards improving your sex life.

While planning sex might not that exciting, a woman looks most attractive (from an objective, evolutionary perspective) and feels horniest around the time that she ovulates (regardless of whether or not you want kids, nature is pulling for you to have them).

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