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However the problem here then, is that at the expiry of the fixed term, the periodic tenancy which took its place would be a six month periodic tenancy not a monthly one.The significance of this is that the notice period for the section 21 notice (if it is served after the fixed term is finished) will be much longer – it is either three months/a quarter or it could be the full six months.Landlords are not going to want this, although I believe it is similar to the way things work in Scotland.Maybe the tenancy deposit point will be covered (or at least implied in some way) in the forthcoming Court of Appeal decision in Universal Estates v Tiensia, although the Pain Smith blog tells us that this decision is not going to be published until October at the earliest. Do you think that six months rent in advance could be a deposit, and thus need to be protected in a scheme?Your main goal is to collect all 20 crystals and defeat Cortex, but there are plenty of other features to keep you playing. Using a monkey inside a large ball, you roll through dangerous obstacle courses and attempt to reach the end goal.This version of the game is one of the only GBA games to use 3D graphics, which makes it a visual treat.There are tons of levels to complete, and the addictive time-trial gameplay will keep you coming back for more. Explore a vast map full of hidden secrets, maze-like temples, and fearsome foes.

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There are six different characters to play as, each with their own abilities and special moves.The five initial months ‘deposit’, or whatever is left of it when the tenant issues proceedings?It is likely to have all been taken for rent by the time the tenant gets to court. David subsequently suggested to me in an email correspondence, that the problem might be resolved by the tenancy agreement specifying that the rent was payable in six month payments.When you encounter an obstacle, you’ll have to decide what creature will best overcome it.With a number of unique creatures to use, plenty of inventive puzzles, and some awesome visuals, .

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