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If the fpiritual directors, on any lucky revolution, extend their influence over the whole, the event mud be fimilar to thofe of the fame kind, in the age of Hildebrand.

A Controverfy, agitated fome years ago, concerning fublcription to certain articles, gave occafion to the writer to turn his thoughts to the nature and effential charac- ters of chriftian churches." This was the goodly model of chriftian incorpo- rations ! Such a fud- den revolution could not, indeed, have been effedled but upon the plan of an incorporation already vene- rable and familiar to the m.ultitude.And now, chriftianity muft change her attire, that, with dignity, Ibe may fill the throne of her difcarded rival. The political arrangement of parts in the empire was indeed another branch of the model. The principles, commonly received npon the fubjeon dii Tenters, fooner or later has reafon to repent his imprudence* It is thus that political obje6ls miud continue as Ions; as national churches continue accordino; to their prefent coniiitution ; and as long as the check- ered adir.inittration of church and ftate, confolidated by incorporations, is in the hands of perions of fuch oppofite characters, and attached to fach incom- patible interefts. The evidence attending the writer's fenti- ments is not the only reafon of their publi- cation.

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