David deangelo dating advice for women

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I have been following and buying David Deangelo products since about 2001.Products I have bought are (let’s see how good my memory is) : Double Your Dating Interviews With Dating Gurus Cocky Comedy & Other Conversation Skills Advanced Dating Techniques Man Transformation Dvd Program Body Language For Success With Women And Dating Power Of Sexuality On Being A Man Mastery With Women And Dating Approaching Women And Starting Conversations 77 Laws Of Success With Women And Dating Deep Inner Game Meeting Women Online Become Mr. I get paid affiliate commissions if you buy books from links on my site, now of course I appreciate if you would use my links, but here is the disclosure: The Tao Of Bad Ass (Joshua Pellicier) pays me ~ .

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David De Angelo, real name Eben Pagan, is the man behind “Double Your Dating” – a series of informational products on how to single men become masters of seduction. Yes, we were prepared to like this one, and wanted to give it a 0 / 5 on our snake-oil scam scale. Eben Pagan is a well known internet marketer who calls himself “the guru entrepreneur.” He makes millions of dollars selling info-products like Double Your Dating. This guy is admittedly one of the very best at sneaky marketing tricks so people pull out their wallets.

His “cocky and funny” technique may not work as well as Mr. Rx’s approach, but he gives you a lot of other data about such things as posture, attitude, attraction, how to dress, sexual communication, and various other observations that is invaluable.

His interviews with Dating Gurus is also an invaluable source of data.

The reason being that Dating To Relating teaches you how to develop your own techniques and Double Your Dating gives you a lot of data to help stir your creative juices to help you develop those unique techniques. So, David’s approach will work for some guys, but it isn’t a system that will work for ALL guys – Mr. Rx’s system is a system that will work for ALL guys and ALL types of girls.

David has a free daily newsletter that is absolutely great. and although there is a lot of truth in his volumes of data, he ultimately focuses on a strategy and doesn’t quite get the situational approach of Mr. For example, David’s approach didn’t quite work on the “girl next door” types that I like.

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