Datingsite gratis review

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Out of the blue just closed my account and lock all my personal details so I cant rejoin...not respond to emails ....retarded 2 face wankers...worst site ever...admin are completely non contactable My account get closed many time after i try to write message! Fake account will send you message as robot, then after you try reply, directly your account will be permanently delete! Try checking out the volunteer moderators on this website. Liked the site and met a lot of cool people then suddenly banned for no reason.

I sure can not figure out WHY they do what they do .....other than to be nasty. However, if you are a genuine 20 something guy looking to date, tough luck buddy, your account will be closed even before you can know why.

Never found any meaningful connections through it over the years, but was an ok dating site until this latest gimmicky remake.

Now, cheap entertainment inconsiderate and wasteful of your time is the only thing it's good for.

Never had any written response to support requests or feedback, including about this latest "update", and didn't expect any since it's a "free" site.It's a great site and if you're like me with a witty personality and charm then you'll have no problem. yes i'm handsome too I took the time to fill out my profile information and then tried to load a photo. The managers of this site have decided that they only want close-up shots of people's faces.I feel the guys who are complaining here have zero personality, pushy, pervy and most likely got reported for being an idiot. If you prefer more of an upper torso shot which shows a little background - then tough luck! reason i am giving dateinasia such a low score (two stars) ... if it was up to me, i'd close down their website due to this. That dating site is free, absolutly free ; it is the first argument.Now without ever rudimentary keyword search, you'll have to sift through all of that garbage to find whom you seek...Those currently controlling and operating DIA did me a favor and saved me a lot of spare time by deleting my profile.

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