Dating violence essay

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Dating violence occurs in the intimate relationships of persons in a range of ages, from the preteen years through adulthood.Dating violence can occur in heterosexual and homosexual relationships.For example, teen dating violence covers the same continuum of different types of abuse as adult intimate partner violence.

Abusive relationships can occur in person and/or electronically with current or former dating partners.

Please share resources that you have found helpful to launch teens on a path to healthy relationships — for life!

Dating or courtship violence is a pattern of actual or threatened acts of physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse perpetrated by an individual against a current or former dating partner.

They fear that their parents will call the police or medical professionals for assistance in ending the relationship.

Although mandatory reporting laws may not apply to lawyers, seeking legal help may be difficult since attorneys may not be able to represent minors who are not emancipated from their legal guardians.

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