Dating two years

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If you are importing data from Excel, you may have dates that are in a numeric format. Date to import these, we simply need to know the origin date that Excel starts counting from, and provide that to as. If you are importing data with only two digits for the years, you will find that it assumes that years 69 to -1999, while years 00 to –2068 (subject to change in future versions of R). This page gives a good explanation of several ways to fix this depending on your preference of centuries.

One solution it provides is to assume all dates R is placing in the future are really from the previous century.

I think about those bereaved people who find it hard to articulate their grief.This intermediate R course includes a section on working with times and dates.Dates can be imported from character, numeric, POSIXlt, and POSIXct formats using the as. If your data were exported from Excel, they will possibly be in numeric format.Date with your vector of dates and the format they are currently stored in.The possible date segment formats are listed in a table below.

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