Dating the rules of sleeping over

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They know they won’t sleep too well with other people outside of their familiar bed and its surroundings, and while they did have a great time with you, they aren’t ready to sacrifice a needed night’s rest for a prolonged cuddle session followed by their tossing and turning and feeling bad not only because they’re awake, but also because they’re keeping you awake as well. If they could sleep anywhere with anyone, they surely would, and they’re not leaving in an attempt to make you feel anything negative. This is because I almost always sleep better whenever I have the bed (and the bedroom) to myself.I can sprawl out, keep the temperature at a level I’m most comfortable with and not worry about kicking someone in the middle of the night when I’m dreaming restless dreams. They’re too excited about the fact that they’ve just had sex with a beautiful person like you and know they won’t be able to sleep, so instead they feel they must walk (or frolic) all the way home, no matter how far that is, while they listen to Hall & Oates’s “You Make My Dreams” on repeat.They’re disappointed in their performance and would like to retreat home in shame to chastise themselves while reviewing their internal recording of the previous proceedings for spots where they might improve if ever they get another shot.The morning commute from your apartment to their workplace would be insane, and they also do not feel like wearing to work the same outfit from the previous day, because then people might notice and inquire about their personal business, and they like to keep that detached from their work life the best they can.

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