Dating site for sleep apnea patients

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She's also divorced, and the device has been an interesting challenge (to say the least) for her when it comes to dating.She likes to share some of the funny stories that she has about trying to explain her device to guys she dates, and we thought that this would be a really fun way to try to dispel some of the embarrassment that some people who use CPAP feel.

I've got no direct experience as I'm married, but judging from the pictures on the marketing materials, CPAP masks must be chick magnets.

Removing tissues in the back of your throat with a laser laser-assisted.

Of these three, obstructive sleep apnea OSA is the most common;.

If doctor finds excess amount of tissues hanging from the roof of the mouth, he will suggest laser surgery.

The goal of surgery is to enlarge the airway and prevent snoring and airway collapse.

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