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We will be covering flirting, how to deliver compliments that trigger attraction and how a man can utilise his non-verbal communication skills…Read More How To Keep A Conversation Going and Never Run Out Of Things To Say One of the most overlooked sticking points that men have is ‘RUNNING OUT OF THINGS TO SAY TOO SOON’ Although non-verbal communication and perfecting confident body language are incredibly important, the ability to engage and connect on a verbal level is…One example of wishful thinking of what is possible when it comes to the power of language is the Pick-up Artist (PUA) paradigm.PUAs are a community of self-designated or aspiring seduction experts; and it should come as no surprise that most members are men.You can even hypnotize people and control yourself.

By encountering her ’super bitch’, I quickly began to understand the dynamics of our exchanges, and later found that while out in the field, Kezia had given me a structure and focus that enabled me to continue a conversation, where in the past I would have left with my tail between my legs.

She doesn’t make it easy, but in making the attempt with her, one can feel enriched and empowered with others.

With Kezia, control is the word.”Shaun H.“Kezia’s advice was amazing, she saw my weak points immediately and showed me how to fix them for good, also she highlighted my good points I never knew I had.

Read More For this episode, I invited our resident NLP practitioner, Dan Lowe.

By sharing his techniques based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, he has helped many of our students overcome their limiting beliefs and negative thought processes which held them back from actioning better choices, and stopped them from generating strong results with women. Read More Strippers In this episode, myself and two instructors from my team, Daniel and Ali, discuss strippers.

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    This makes for an ideal atmosphere to foster personal and professional relationships to enhance and develop personal and professional skills; and to access professional resources to cultivate your professional growth.