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Whether it's mentorship, funding, or just a likeminded person in a complementary field, these kind of hookups are inspiring new apps based upon the Tinder model but with work life and not love life as their focus.Some might find it a little unsavory to mix business with pleasure, but as anyone who's worked in a close-knit organization knows, your relationship with your co-workers and boss is already a lot like dating anyways.There's the initial wooing period, the honeymoon phase, and, of course, the get-so-comfortable-you-stop-trying phase — not to mention the breakup phase, which can sometimes prove far more disastrous in a professional setting than it can in a personal one.TL; DR: Networking can be a lot like dating, and here are 6 reasons why: Resist the urge to be starry eyed or risk signaling that your prospect holds all the cards.Finding love is not easy, and neither is the increasingly crowded online match-making industry.The market is dominated by Barry Diller’s IAC/Inter Active Corp, owner of as well as other sites for the lovelorn.But he said the contribution from Elevated Careers would be “minuscule” as e Harmony spends heavily to develop the business.Both employers and job-seekers will likely pay to use the service, although some features could be free.

Thanks to the winning combination of hookup technology and a less-than-ideal economic climate, however, more and more people are using dating apps for networking while looking for their future boos.A recent article in Entrepreneur cites the business matches made in heaven that services like Tinder and Hinge have inspired.While dating may be the initial impetus for these connections, the results often turn out to be unexpected work matches instead of hot booty calls.Networking, like dating, should be a give and take, not a one-sided conversation.Active listening will probably take you a lot farther than outlining your five-year-plan for what seems like five years. A good match is made when each party can successfully reveal what their strengths are to the other.

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