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That means that Omega made a better vintage watch as opposed to making a better dive watch for today’s professional divers…that is still an “Omega.” If you’ve always like the original Seamaster 300M and want a refreshed experience with it – then this timepiece will easily satisfy you.At the time of writing this watch review article, Omega has 15 different versions of the Seamaster 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer on its website.“steel on steel” model with the black ceramic dial and bezel because in my opinion is represents the original, core look of the what the Seamaster 300M is to me.In the 1990s Omega’s popularity with the Seamaster 300M in large part hard to do with the collection’s very accessible pricing.

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It was the brand’s authentic professional diver’s watch with only the smallest element of luxury fluff to help justify its high-end persona.It was always meant to the the Speedmaster of dive watch – which means it by design is more about function and utility than purely form and style.The question for me in regard to this 2018 and later Seamaster 300M is if it retains this character? Omega has remade the original 300M watch with the exact same sensibilities as the 1993 model as though it came out today.2018 saw Swiss Omega release an entirely updated Seamaster 300M diver watch collection (a Blogto Watch hands-on here).The updated Seamaster 300M was intended to retain the core look and feel of the popular Omega diver’s watch while bringing the product’s technology and materials into the 21st century.

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