Dating matchless amplifiers dating and how long

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These were definitely my personal favorites, but Scott told us he paid each per tube for these very well matched tubes.

Later, I scouted tube dealers on the Internet and found one comment that Amperex were the best EL84s made.

Although the Celestions are the best speakers for the Matchless, we agreed that the blues were the best speakers for evaluating all three amps.

Organization: Deja News – The Leader in Internet Discussion X-Article-Creation-Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 GMT Newsgroups: alt.X-Http-User-Agent: Mozilla/4.03 [en] (Win NT; I) In an attempt to hear as many different amps as possible without having to buy or play in a store where you can’t crank ’em, I posted a request in the first week of July for owners of a Bruno Underground 30, Dr. I got responses from Ron Ott, the man behind King Amplifier Company, who brought a Matchless DC30 with Vox blues (although we didn’t know they were Vox blues ’til after the shoot-out) and a King Blues Twin and Oleg Tomashevsky, who brought a Dr. Guitar Player’s Terry Buddingh also stopped by for 45 minutes in the middle of the day and dropped off a Kendrick Black Gold.

Z Prescription and any of the 3 Trainwrecks located in the S. I brought my 1992 Matchless DC30 with stock Celestions and an Alessandro English. 1, we gathered in San Jose, CA to compare, contrast, and, in general, have fun.

They are extremely well balanced and don’t editorialize the sound at all.

They don’t have the clean detail of the Bugle Boys, but they distort better.

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