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This is also true for Rhinestones in Vintage Costume Jewelry, where prong set ones are valued higher than glued in ones.These are just some of the many date and value tips to help you learn what to look for when buying Antique and Vintage Jewelry which can be as much fun as wearing and collecting it! To learn more date and value tips and how to invest in Antique and Vintage Jewelry & Collectibles from the Victorian Era into the 1960s, check out Sharon's shop at Rubylane - YEARS AFTER Shop.There are several tests in determining Authentic Antique and Vintage Bakelite Jewelry using Formula 409, Hot Water, Simichrome Polish and a Q-Tip.Still, some Bakelite such as Black Bakelite may not test positive.

So now what, how can you work it out if there are no date and value tips to go on? A Victorian brooch with a long pin stem extending outward is a good indication that it's early Victorian while a shorter one is of a later date.

Look at the hinge and the clasp of a brooch, bracelet, necklace, etc..

Does it look like a clasp used today or does it seem a bit different to you? Does the jewelry have a brass spring ring clasp from the 1930s or a shiny gold plate clasp?

The "C" clasp is another indication that the piece is old.

Remember that there are always exceptions to the rules since the "C" clasp was also used later on in Europe so take every detail into account to come to your full conclusion.

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