Dating islamic religion

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Perhaps the child is averse to marriage altogether.In Islamic marriage, Muslim parents are not allowed to force their children into marrying someone against their will.In order to fully follow Islam's strictly defined rules on marriage, a glossary of terms regarding Islamic rules and regulations must be understood and followed.

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You guys tend to be more honest and helpful than the general internet.

Can anyone offer a perspective on this who has attended a Muslim wedding before?

(Disclaimer: I realize that this is probably going to be a case-by-case basis, and that Muslims are likely religious to "degrees" in much the same way the Christian sect is, but I would still appreciate any inside information you can offer :) )Thanks guys!

When searching for a spouse, Muslims often involve an extended network of friends and family.

Conflict arises when parents don't approve of the child's choice, or parents and children have different expectations.

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