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Don’t think too much about the impact on your arteries, just order this amazing mash-up of Texas toast, ground beef, French fries, and cheese sauce.If that sounds like too much to handle, try out their gigantic, pillowy cinnamon buns.It covers 5 races, 4 cities, 3 bridges, 2 states, and 1 island, all along the mighty Mississippi River.The 26.2 mile run starts and ends at 1201 River Drive in downtown Moline, IL. Our primary cause is prostate cancer research & screening. 2018 RACE RESULTS 2018 RACE PHOTOS Keep Reading Register now!Visitors to the brewery can enjoy a tour of the premises to learn all about how the beer is made and to witness the brewing process firsthand, before heading for the tasting room to try some of these delicious brews.Ross’ Restaurant 430 14th St Bettendorf, IA 52722 (563) 355-7573 Yelp: 4 stars Yeah, these kind of mountains really are made of magic.$City = { name: ['Aarhus, Denmark', 'Abbotsford, BC', 'Aberdeen, United Kingdom', 'Aberdeen, SD', 'Abidjan, Côte D\'Ivoire', 'Abilene, TX', 'Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates', 'Acapulco, Mexico', 'Adelaide, Australia', 'Ahmedabad, India', 'Aiken, SC', 'Ajman, United Arab Emirates', 'Akron/Canton, OH', 'Al Ain, United Arab Emirates', 'Albany, NY', 'Albany, GA', 'Albuquerque, NM', 'Alexandria, LA', 'Alicante, Spain', 'Allentown, PA', 'Altoona, PA', 'Amarillo, TX', 'Ambato, Ecuador', 'Ames, IA', 'Amman, Jordan', 'Amsterdam, 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