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In cyberspace, thousands of millennial fingers click over to buy her line of lingerie at Savagex When Rihanna’s lingerie line dropped in 2018, her savages, as she calls her fans, rushed the internet to buy her sultry, affordable pieces in bulk.They also offered a diverse range of styles, from hipsters to high-waisted. The high-waisted, full-coverage underwear otherwise known as the granny panty, like the kind Rihanna showed off on her Instagram, would have been persona non grata for lingerie brands 10 years ago.

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But from women wearing trousers to the birth of the string bikini, some changes to the fashion world aren’t just trendy or cyclical. The rise of the granny panty might be one of those changes, although it’ll take hindsight to know.They were once coded as ugly, reserved for seniors and the menstruating, and Jones’s feelings of shame for her granny panties reverberated through an entire generation of women.Dyana Neal, 49, has been wearing granny panties for years.The fitted, full-coverage, high-waisted style emerged as fabric technology advanced and elastics grew more stable.The elastic permitted the waist and leg openings to hug the body.

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