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On the other hand, I am old so my first question when I read your post was .. Day or weekend trips out of the city are popular too... You'll meet lots of people through outdoor activity groups, even in winter. Perhaps you have never skated if you were born and bred in Texas but once you move to Ottawa would be the time to learn ...

do people still even 'date' in the classical sense? Group social activities are more of the way to go in Ottawa, I think. Cross country skiing, winter hiking, downhill ski trips to Quebec... and I am sure you will meet someone willing to help you up if you fall and look really cute and helpless doing so.

If you live anywhere outside the downtown area, you will find it more isolating most likely in winter, especially when there are snow storms.

Find a hobby to entertain you at home or, as I said, get to Ottawa before Christmas. And don't be shy to invite people around to your home for a meal or a movie or something.

There are plenty of other sites for that - you're looking for a long-lasting relationship with someone who truly gets you.

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Instantly, I went from literally HUNDREDS of eligible single women within 30 miles of me to about... If not, how do local (middle-aged, in my case) singles meet? Ottawa in Canada has a reputation for being a good place for single men looking for women. There are also good concert venues and lots of pubs in the Byward Market.

oh, a dozen or so, and after that the nearest ones starting being in Kitchener and Toronto. Apparently there are a lot more young single women than young single men. This is the rep though, not sure about actual stats. But there are lots of daytime activities where younger singles to meet up as well.

Join an ultimate league, or some other hobby, you'll meet people.

It's just kind of hard for me to believe there are less than 20 single women in the Ottawa region on

I'm in my early 40s and don't do the web dating sites anymore... When I did try them, there were never tons of people on them, and I found that an awfully high proportion of them just gave nonsense info on their profiles. I have no idea why younger singles aren't into them. Also, I should mention that here, everyone is eager to get off the dating sites and meet in person very quickly (which I preferred anyway).

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