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“It causes them to perceive more interest from a woman than there might actually be.” Here are five ways she regularly plays hard to get, and how to determine if she’s interested—or if you’re seeing something that’s just a figment of your imagination.Her phone is practically super-glued to her hand—hell, she’s updating Twitter right now—so why isn’t she texting you back? That way, he’d become jealous and chase me for attention. Maybe he glances over every so often while talking to another girl just to see if you watch him. You know this feeling, you remember this feeling before. This is because he’s not the first guy you’ve wondered is he playing hard to get about. He isn’t giving you what you want, yet you still hang around because you think one day the light bulb in his head will go off. [Read: 14 signs he’s playing mind games with you] #13 You ignore the signs. But you don’t really want him, you just play the game in hope of winning it. Either way, it’s not in your favor to be with this guy. [Read: 13 clear signs to split a player from a gentleman] #9 He’s not the first one to do this.

“It’s her way of nudging you and letting you know there’s competition,” says Yue Xu, dating expert at She tells you she’ll be away all weekend, but she doesn’t mention where or why.“She believes that you’ll find her more intriguing if she cultivates an air of mystery,” Xu says.So she won’t flake on you completely without giving you something to hang onto.If she cancels a date at the last minute, she might mention that her schedule is freer next week.

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