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The Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland accepts the ordination of women, and there are women priests in numerous parishes.

The first female Finnish bishop in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland is Irja Askola. Chauvinistic or patronizing attitudes towards women are generally considered unacceptable, although such attitudes do persist in practice.

Finland is a country where considerable weight is attached to the spoken word – words are chosen carefully and for the purpose of delivering a message.

Indeed, there are very few other culture-specific considerations that visitors need be aware of.

While Finns are aware that Nokia is often mistakenly thought to be a Japanese company, this misconception is viewed forgivingly but with pity.

They are proud that Linus Torvalds, the inventor of Linux, is a Finn.

A man may politely refuse such an offer, but it is equally polite to accept it.

The fashion shows took place in the Palace of Nobility, Wanha Satama and Clarion hotel Helsinki.Finns place great value on words, which is reflected in the tendency to say little and avoid ‘unnecessary’ small talk.As the Chinese proverb puts it, “Your speech should be better than silence, if it is not, be silent.” Finns have a very strong sense of national identity.Browse the list of administrative regions below and follow the navigation through administrative regions to find populated place you are interested in.You can also take advantage of our two following search bars.

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