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If someone invented a 16 step sample hold that recorded duration and "note" (CV) that you could snap to clock ... On the other hand, the oh-so-Makenoise pressure pads in the back..those are Sweet! You get used to it....sorta, but it sure would be nice for a future edition. If I invest in 2 2, I don't want to learn later that my 2 isn't compatible with yours I made a synth album For those that prefer Sound Cloud, it is here: There's also an M3U playlist at Thanks to my wife for the beautiful cover art to make a great eurorack percussion instrument Take any sound source (I like Jupiter storm because it's spectral and crashy). Take CV in from one half of makenoise Maths triggered off a clock. It's a must have for eurorack After long debate, I've finally decided the poly synth I want: It's too bad that, on top of being unbelievably pricey, they're just not on the market. It's also too bad there aren't really many semi-modular poly synths # Provisioning /or why I stopped worrying and learned to love the cloud/ When "the Cloud" rose to prominence as a marketing term circa 2008, I thought this was the most glazed over I had ever seen programmers. I care less about how close to the edge the technologies I use are or their promise, rather than are they right for the problems I solve, and whether those are problems that are worth solving.

I think they go to 4.5 V, maybe 4 quantized, so it's not like I expect every semi-tone marked. And, as is often my complaint about newer Make Noise (just to single them out...certainly other companies fall in this category which I won't mention here), the extra modes (top two pressure pads on the right) are extra confusing. I'm not a professional musician who has a great excuse, so let's say at most 1 per cent of my time goes to synthesising (albeit, a very much enjoyed 1 per cent). My ideals are largely unchanged; I've just become more realistic in the expectations I can expect from an employer and in the weighing of idealism compared to the prosperity of those close to me in my life.

I can't expect to engineer a better world, but I should expect that my tasked efforts are not too deeply hindered by the fall back into the dark ages of proprietery information. Saving the Nautilus I have always been fascinated by Nautilus so I was very happy to find your site and your effort on behalf of these beauties of the deep.

After seeing the marvelous Nautilus with my own eyes, the shell seemed very empty indeed without the Nautilus inside. Since discovering the plight of the Nautilus in recent years, I have been looking for a place where I might contribute towards helping our deep sea friends. I hope you're taking steps to deal with it CM: Contraception! ), a Securitas pick-up truck (as so is their vehicular choice, so it seems) slowly loop around and stare me down as much as one can from the comfort of a steel-ploymer composite cage without actually looking at me until they weighed the prospect of asking a white boy what they were doing there against their own cowardice and laziness of exiting their vehicle and going to the hassle of having to confront me about my (in their untrainable eyes) questionable whereabouts facing the prospect of me pulling out some for of semi-endoresed identification stating that I, in fact, lived there (If living it can be, despite the luxury price tag, called.) The only time I have ever actually spoken to a securitas (quote-unquote) officer was in search of one of those few genuine loves I pursue left in life: crickets.

Technical debt is often though of “you can’t fix it today so make a hack”, which leads pretty quick to the business of “you can’t fix it because of the hack so hack around the hack” etc. If Jerry Smartcoder has to do something in a new codebase, because complexity equals compclicity times the information density of the problem, he can’t learn the problem. though never, of course, with thought of obligation.

One component in the interest on technical debt is the time and effect (including ensuring backwards compatibility) is taking out the hacks on hacks and the hacks before you implement properly. So it was tonight that I ventured alone to the railroad tracks with a cricket cage to rival that in "The Cricket in Times Square" that, after over a year in Oaklana, Securitas sought to not only leave their vehicular sanctuary but confront me.

Most of the time, I do patch (say) X clock into one clock generator and the Y clock into a divide-by-4 clock divider and you're back to a classic (but really awesome) 16 step sequencer. The pots for setting CV are critical, of course, too, for live perf. Strictly speaking the VCA probably ain't necessary. Now, here's where I'm going to learn to love the Cloud and say that, by the same token, software should be irrespective of this provisioning process. They run for miles, and there are many different kinds. I want a job where I can use linux as my primary operating system because its easier than the alternatives.

But I'm a tinkerer; I'll probably get more creative (read: crazy) the more I play with it and do some really nutsy things, though I'll still probably never really think of "the first Cartesian sequencer" as some crazy advancement in sequencing. or mess with widths between steps with CV, now that would be a nextgen sequencer. You want a sequencer you can mess with in real time, now that really opens up the windows for me! My one complaint: they need "clock ticks" of some kinda hard to guess, except by hearing it, what note/CV I'm actually playing. I really despise technologies that want commitment. For Jupiter storm I'm taking the other parts of Maths to control it's CV as well as the filter In short, get Maths. I want to work using open-source methodologies because obfuscating information is a waste of time.

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