Dating advice for women circa 1950 dating fender acoustics guitars

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This is purely just a matter of finding an approach to dating that jives with your personality.

These are really the most important criteria to look for when you’re taking dating advice.

Glamourdaze honed in on two staff photographers whose stunning color images of young women taken in America and Great Britain during the 1940 war years evoke a real authentic image of women’s fashion in the 1940s the era. B Anthony Stewart, who hailed from Virginia was a master of composition and is now considered one of the greatest of National Geographic portrait photographers .

My personal favorite is the iconic image of two young women relaxing above the Cliffs of Dover in England.

The biggest problem is that there is so much bad advice out there to filter through.

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These luscious color photographs of women in the 1940s reside in the National Geographic Creative website where you can license high resolution images.

However, the beginning can be a little discouraging, especially when you aren’t getting the advice you need.

There’s a lot of good information out there, but a lot more bad information. It’s rushed and usually doesn’t take female psychology into consideration.

In July 1959 National Geographic ended its century long policy of having no photographs on its cover, and it was B Anthony Stewart photograph which was chosen to be the first.

Jay Baylor Roberts, a former Marine, was chief photographer for both the Washington Post and New York Times before joining the National Geographic in the 1930s.

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