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Nicole has won awards for her General News reporting, Continuing Coverage on a topic, as General Assignment Reporter, and also for Best Feature. She was a student of Boston College and during this time, she did her internship with Boston 25.

Nicole is a mother to two adorable kids and resides in South Shore.

In response to criticism, President Obama has lobbied for a federal shield bill.

A draft of the bill defined a journalist as a person with a primary intent to investigate, procure materials through interviews and observations and to disseminate information.

They used these elements to develop a definition reflecting how a journalist is commonly defined: "[S]omeone employed to regularly engage in gathering, processing, and disseminating news and information to serve the public interest." Peters and Tandoc limited their search to the scholarly, legal and industry domains.

Tandoc, Jr., a Fulbright Scholar at the Missouri School of Journalism, culled a variety of sources that conceptualize a journalist, and they analyzed each one to identify its elements.

"Some do it better than others, some have more resources than others, and something is gained when reporting is done by stable organizations with money, logistics and legal services—but all are capable." Although it might seem like an exercise in navel gazing, the task of defining a journalist is important and practical, and recent events have brought it into sharp focus.

She is fond of creating a positive change in society through her work.The digital revolution has created a collaborative, interactive type of journalism that combines traditional and new forms of newsgathering."It's possible the people behind those innovations wouldn't qualify for narrowly drawn shield protections," Peters said.Nicole had earlier worked for WINK-TV (Fort Myers, Florida), WCAX-TV (Burlington, Vermont), and WMDN (Meridian, Mississippi).She was with WHDH-TV where she worked for 11 years in the capacity of an anchor and a reporter.

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