Dating a guy with trust issues

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You can let them know what actions they may be doing that make you uneasy. Don’t expect them to change their lives to convenience your trust issues.

Make sure to tell them it is not their fault, but it just reminds you of things you have been through. They can alter habits and reassure you, but you have to be willing to meet halfway.

Just because whoever you are dating seems great does not mean your trust issues will disappear overnight.

[Read: How to manage your expectations in a relationship]#6 Be patient.But, as someone who is working through this right now, hopefully, I can offer some advice on how to date with trust issues.#1 Get a fresh perspective.This is the most rational argument when it comes to romantic trust issues.Of course, we should always learn from the past, but applying your trust issues and baggage onto a person that has nothing to do with that is unfair.I know it happens anyway, but live in the moment and loosen your grip on the pain of the past.#3 Confide in people you do trust.

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