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They would act as boyfriend / girlfriend and I would see everything they do. Afterward, she took him up to our bedroom (I washed the sheets, cleaned the house, and arranged the candles for them earlier that day).

Now he is nothing exceptional, not exactly a supermodel, not even a model. The man she is with, we'll call him Matt, is her subordinate at work. Even though she is overweight, she has a smooth waist, a gorgeous chest, and a delicious ass.

After a couple minutes it was apparent that It was awkward for all of us, but none would admit it.

After 30 minutes of making out, their shirts came off. for the next 10 minutes, she dry humped his leg to a violent orgasm.

“So when was the last time your husband bought you lingerie?

” The question had come from Claire and was addressed to the group.

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