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Events can be packed with participants from a wide range of fields, but don’t get intimidated; name tags are color-coded by industry, in case you want to target your networking to a specific area.

The events go for three hours, but if you show up early, you can take advantage of the complimentary drinks and appetizers in the first hour.

Around 25 to 60 people (out of the group’s impressive 1,440 members) show up to each of the group’s weekly events with their current projects to get (and give) ideas and help.

Like the title suggests, this group meets well after the 9-to-5 workday is over. Because people use this time to work on their own projects, attendees tend on the independent side: entrepreneurs, freelancers and hobbyists are often among the people who show up, says organizer Andrew Conklin.

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Our passion and commitment helped Community Connections become a recognized national leader in the delivery of creative and constantly evolving, evidence-based services for our consumers and our community.

Go to their website, peruse their fantastic wealth of information and find out where their next event will take you.

We are proud to be the largest not-for-profit mental health agency in the nation's capital serving men, women and children.

Events often start after 8 PM and take place at various venues around the D. It’s also a diverse group, with people representing all sorts of occupations, from coffee roasters to healthcare professionals.

It started as a farewell party to , but this has become a networking force in the nation’s capital.

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