Common dating mistakes women make in their 30s

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And once your stretching game is up to par, you’ll be ready for the 40 Great Exercises for Adding Muscle After 40. Unless all you’ve got planned for tomorrow morning is hibernating in your bedroom, don’t even think about staying up all night.

Getting less than a solid eight hours of Z’s won’t just leave you feeling groggy and short-tempered, at your age it’s seriously bad for your health.

At 40, you know how quickly time can slip away, so you make sure to seek out and treasure every moment with dear ol’ dad. The written word can be misinterpreted, and something that sounds harmless in your brain could come out sounding creepy in an online message.

Keep the flirtation for face to face encounters, where you’re less likely to be accused of sinister intentions.

In addition to annual checkups, you should always check with your primary physician if something in your body feels out of the ordinary.

It may be a false alarm, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re doing life right, you never stop learning.

And that means getting off the internet and opening a book.

You are who you are, and anybody who doesn’t like it can hit the bricks, Jack.It could be a novel, a history book, or anything that sparks your interest.If it’s made of paper and covered with words, there’s something inside that will expand your mind.Trust us: ungainly hair that isn’t yours is definitely It’s possible that you’ve been working out your whole life without warming up properly beforehand. Unless you start stretching, your 40 year-old muscles are going to revolt against you.You don’t know discomfort until you’ve woken up the next day after an intense workout and it feels like your limbs are made of concrete.

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