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However, compounding this momentous occasion, the fact that Demi will literally do anything for more camera time. More will be revealed during the series premiere of @grandhotelabc tonight after #The Bachelorette.

Somehow, she’s appeared more than any other former contestant on Hannah Brown’s current Bachelorette season, and the Texan has her heart set on being the show’s star in Mexico. A post shared by Bachelor in Paradise (@bachelorinparadise) on Demi’s propensity for the spotlight aside, it’s wonderful to see that the series is making strides to include gay couples on the show.

And while it could be construed as fabricated reality, as the couple was already dating prior to the start of filming, it’s actually comforting to know that producers confided with Demi about such plans, and made sure she felt comfortable announcing her bi-sexuality to the world before starting production.

“A formidable, addictive storyteller, Morgan provides a highly stimulating story of a midlife education in the messiness of modern sex and love. I guess the best way to describe it is that I’m in explosives.” I furrowed my brow at that one. “My specialty”—he paused and looked at me with unruffled blue eyes—“is drilling and blasting.” I coughed involuntarily, more like a gasp, trapping a half sip of cold coffee in my throat. Then, against my will, I spit out the coffee, as well as a chunk of ice. Luckily, right then our flight was called over the loudspeaker directly above our table. Once we landed at the tiny, almost deserted Long Island airport, I walked as slowly as I could to the rental car counter, looking for him, hoping he might be waiting for me. But before I tell you how I tracked down the twenty-nine-year-old explosives expert I met in the Philadelphia Airport, and how we blew up two decades of marriage and thirty-six months of celibacy, first I have to go back in time and tell you about getting rid of my husband, Marty. My beloved of nearly twenty years, wearing brown swim trunks, trudged down our grassy hill toward the garage we were planning to turn into a bunkhouse for our kids and their friends.

So, what if they have to bring on a contestant who’s never appeared on the franchise before?They reportedly started dating in February, and while neither have yet to publicly confirm their relationship, Kristian posted a photo on Instagram of two hanging out together in West Hollywood in April.Typically, any contestant that shows up in Mexico has already had a shot on love on one of the franchise’s main shows, and while Kristian is a complete stranger to viewers, she was already romantically involved with Demi prior to joining .As she looks to cement her role as a performer, Kristian has worked as a production assistant on numerous projects.However, her current job, as listed on her Linked In, is working as a sales consultant for Light Work Software.

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