Chad michael murray and hilary duff dating

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And a third alternate universe where Hilary and Adam/Gordo are happily married with a daughter named after Aunty Miranda.

They starred in the now iconic teen rom-com together way back in 2004. "We had a few kissing scenes in the movie and I remember feeling pretty nervous about that, but then we became friends and I wasn't so nervous anymore." You definitely can't blame Hilary for having major feels for Chad. So there's probably an alternate universe where Hilary and Chad totally started dating and got married...

Believe it or not, but July 16th marked 12 whole years since A Cinderella Story was released (and our obsession with Chad Michael Murray reached its peak). Austin wouldn't be on the American football team, he'd be part of a very exclusive Pokemon Go squad. Gigi Hadid would like one of their pictures one time. He also would've been swiping furiously through Tinder to track her down. Sam wouldn't have gotten tricked by a fake Princeton rejection letter from her stepmum, because she would have gotten her real acceptance letter emailed to her. We assume there's no mortgage on that bad boy, so Sam would be fully on the property ladder at the ripe old age of 18. The two wouldn't go off to uni together either, they'd go on a gap year and post smug pictures on Facebook.

Speaking of CMM, he's recently been chatting about the iconic film with , but even though he didn't announce he'd be returning for a sequel, he did admit that the story can be done 'time and time' again.

They'd get really excited when they hit a 100-day Snap Streak.

Sam would call up Nev and Max from Catfish and ask them to go to the school dance with her, as she's never actually seen a picture of Austin before and is probably quite concerned he's secretly a 47-year-old former convict. Sam's stepsisters would be on the TV show Rich Kids of Instagram. Sam would go to the school dance dressed as Beyonce at the 2015 Met Gala. Austin would turn up in black skinny jeans and a Nick Grimshaw X Topman shirt. And Austin wouldn't be able to use it to find her anyway because she's got it fingerprint protected. The hashtag #Find My Bae would trend worldwide as Austin searched for Sam after the prom. When Sam and Austin finally get together, Sam wouldn't say all that stuff about waiting for rain in a drought, she'd just screenshot an appropriate QOTD she found online and post it on all of her social accounts. Sam would never move out of her dad's house at the end of the film, unless it was to rent it out to students.

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