Celiac dating

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“We realized there was a need for a gluten-free dating site because when it comes to dating, food is a big part of it,” said Sheri Grande, Co-Founder of Gluten Free Singles.

Not only does Gluten Free Singles provide a welcoming place for these daters, but the site also spreads awareness and educates people within and outside of the gluten-free community through its fresh blog, active forum, and extensive resources page.“When it comes to the niche dating sites, more and more people are turning to them because there’s less risk,” Sheri said.Gluten Free Singles caters to a large market, one that’s growing every day, and it does a fantastic job of providing these like-minded and like-appetited people a specific place to meet one another.There are so many restaurants with gluten-free menu items, so be sure to list them in your profile if you have a gluten intolerance. If your date thinks you’re high maintenance or can’t handle your food intolerance issues, it’s a red flag that your date could potentially not be at your side for something even more serious or life-threatening down the line.Everyone has issues and deal breakers when it comes to dating. Others prefer to date vegans or those who don’t have a diet that includes red meat.

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