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I spend a good part of the holiday out of the capsule, but I got my time in capsule as well.Spent my share of hours as the scout on a few roams, where we slipped into SOV space and followed the OUCH motto.The money part is important because I am already on my fourth Taranis, having lost the third to a quick Thorax pilot yesterday (but he too went down in the end).Losing three interceptors in only my first week as a Taranis pilot might sound rough but I don't feel so bad when I look at the killboard and see that I have been part of 62 kills with the ship already (38 if you don't count pods).More details will be posted on this page as they become available.

Garmon (or El’tar) approached me for this same purpose and made me an offer I could not refuse; A massive monetary reward for the winning corporation in the next Hulkageddon (3 isk, to be exact).Three of the gang kills have paid ransom for their pods for an amount totalling 50 million ISK.Even though these ransoms have been split four or five ways between the gang, this plus the loot from the wrecks has proven to be very lucrative.My CEO in the Stabber played cat and mouse for a few minutes with the Muninn pilot before finally landing on him and locking him down.In the few moments it took for our ECM pilots to warp to the combat zone, his Stabber was already in low armor and he had no choice but to back off until the Muninn was jammed.

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