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Most Englishmen I've heard treat the 'R' letter the same way.There's no growling at all as opposed to the fashion most other Americans speak English with a distinct growling 'R'. He speaks differently from the way Woody Allen does yet with no distinct 'R' also.The whole dropping Rs thing I think is exaggerated by the media and movies and in fact not everybody drops the R completely but simply does not pronounce it as strong.I am from here so maybe this sounds different to my ears, but I think people from boston really drop the R, to where it is nonexistant. Anyway, its not really disappearing its more just that the people taking over manhattan are not new yorkers and are immigrants or transplants.By the late 18th century the lands around were incorporated into the Polish Crown, but soon Poland was partitioned by neighbouring nations and Siewierz became a part of Prussia.After the Napoleon’s failed attempt on Moscow it was attacked by Russian troops and later became a part of the Polish Kingdom ruled by Russians.

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Shesh, something created decades and generations ago.

I had Irish American next door neighbors when I grew up in Nassau County, NY, the part of Long Island.

These people, children of Irish immigrants, grew up in the Rockaways, Queens, which is really like growing up in Brooklyn.

Anyway, in New York City, people of Woody Allen's generation (and younger, in many instances), still tended to live in ethnic neighborhoods or associate with like ethnic types.

The New York Jewish person, especially over, say 45 or 50, speaks with a distinct accent that is pretty much easily recognized as Jewish New York.

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