Banjo dating

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(Search for "Firefly") Its unique design deserves to be displayed in a museum of modern art.It is lightweight and very well made and has no annoying external lugs to catch on your clothes. They don't really sound like banjos and they don't sound like ukuleles.There are a variety of different types and each type souds different from the others.The dowell stick is from oak and is attached to the neck with a 1/4" double ended screw about an inch long screwed into the neck with pliers.The dowell stick is screwed on from inside the bottle by twisting it tightly on to the screw.You can hear me playing it on listed as: cheap uke 1 and cheap uke a. The same construction technique can be used for making banjo ukuleles if you substitute a hand drum or cookie tin for the plastic jug bottom.The spacers of mahogany are glued to the neck and must take enough space so that the bridge can be placed as far from the 12th fret as the 12th fret is from the nut.

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It fullfilled my plan to make a ukulele with a good tone that would not be very loud.The second fret will give you the notes on a baritone ukulele.If you place the capo behind the seventh fret you will have the notes that are on a regular ukulele.If the tuner for the short string gets in your way, take it off.Shown here above are two home made banjo ukuleles made from Remo tunable hand drums.

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