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I have tried to keep the text itself as uncluttered as possible so that it may be comfortably read as a whole.• I hope the work will help rekindle interest in the extensive early contacts and exchanges between East and West, and how they shaped the development of our cultures and our technologies.The modern place-names adopted here sometimes only refer to the general location of the ancient sites mentioned in the text.Rather, in Islamic culture, pre-marital relationships of any kind between members of the opposite sex is forbidden.I have tried to get permission from all these correspondents but have not heard back from all of them yet.We promise you will meet a lot of hot women, men and couples while using our free live sex cams.

139s *g’ân / γân.• Quotes from French authors have been translated into English and usually adapted (e.g.Modern place-name equivalents are in rounded brackets after the Chinese names.Tentative identifications are indicated with a question mark, and the evidence is discussed in the notes.The Author’s Comments Abbreviations and Bibliography A.If authors have any objections to my use of their material I hope they will contact me and I will gladly make adjustments.• Publishing this translation will, I hope, make the Weilue of interest to the general reader, while retaining enough information in the notes to make it useful for specialists.

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