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Alternatively, you can simply copy the Interface folder as described in Step 4, and directly copy and paste the Weak from WTF/Account/ACCOUNTNAME/Saved Variables in the package to the similar directory (with the proper account name) in your own directory. If you DO have Weak Auras installed, and hate your auras and want them to go away, just install as above. If you DO have Weak Auras installed, and want to save your existing auras (if you already use it for another class, for instance); 1 Open up the ESA Import Strings text file in the package download.

Each string has a title, and then a string of what looks like random characters.

Did you plug this into a Weak that already had my old setup in it?

The only thing I can think is you've got duplicated auras from multiple versions and they're conflicting. You don't need to grab the new package unless you want the import strings, to import each group individually into Weak Auras manually.

These auras are a pre-packaged version of Weak Auras, complete with auras set up for everything an Elemental or Enhancement shaman needs to be aware of, in a small but info-rich package.

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but unfortunately i'm apparently too retarded to figure out how to install this..I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.I can make up another export string file in the next upload; I went with a different route this time around because it's a LOT simpler to just cut and paste the relevant stuff one time than to copy each individual string, especially since it's about twice as many groups as the last version.I have also included Shared Media and Shared Media Additional Fonts for extra customization options.What this package is: There may be items you wish to track that are not included; Weak Auras is a highly flexible addon and I strongly recommend getting to know it; you can add whatever kind of trackers you like to this baseline setup.

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