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Ackroyd links these episodes with events in Timothy’s own life that reflect his thoughts and feelings, but some are more successful than others.

The dream visions are an integral part of the novel and being set out in alternating chapters means that the reader is prepared for what is coming.

The ostensible reason is that Timothy should go to school, but his father has started a relationship with Gloria one of his followers and there is no room for the boy.

Timothy has started to have his visions first of all in the safety of his own bed in the form of dreams, but later in times of stress or when feeling unwell.

I expected to read a rant against the evils and corrupting influence of poetry and plays from the standpoint of an advocate of the new protestant religion bordering on Puritanism.

However while there are plenty of arguments as to how 16th century culture in respect of poetry and plays was undermining the moral fabric of society there is very little evidence taken from/or reference to the bible. First was the style of writing which draws heavily on John Lyly’s euphuistic approach, with its extended sentences containing any number of example, some of which appear almost contradictory and certainly hint at dualism.

It does not have the intricate word play that is so striking in Lyly’s work but its ornate style makes it sound quite similar.

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I like to have a list of what to read otherwise I might spend too much time hesitating to pick up the next book.

He successfully cures his grandmother of a shaking ailment, but at some cost to himself because it makes him unwell for a time.

Timothy seeks out his father in his teenage years back in London and they get back together as a duo although they are not as successful as they were previously and his father disappears again.

The age old problem of ‘What to read next’ is circumvented.

Everything Tudor - Literature, History, Drama: The School Of Abuse - Stephen Gosson The Growth and Structure of Elizabethan Comedy - M C Bradbrook The Shepherds Calendar - Edmund Spenser Zelauto - Anthony Munday The True Tragedy of Richard III - anonymous Poetry and Courtliness in Renaissance England - Daniel Javitch1580 - Robert Greene Mamillia (on line books)Mamillia - Robert Greene Barnaby Riche, his farewell to militaire proffesion (online books)George Peele - The Arraignement of Paris The English Novel in the time of Shakespeare - J J Jusserand Campapsi, Sapho and Phao - John Lyly Voyages and Discoveries - Richard Hakluyt Portuguese Voyages 1498-1663 edited by C. Ley The Spanish Armada - Colin Martin & Geoffrey Parker English Romayne life - Anthony Munday Meleager - William Gager Hecatomphthia or passionate century of love - Thomas Watson The Anatomy of Abuses - Philip Stubbs Philip Sidney: A double life - Alan Stewart Astrophel and Stella - Philip Sidney The Countess of Pembrokes Arcadia - Philip Sidney An apology for poetry - Philip Sidney Also a couple of essential books from the Continent published in the 16th century: Essays - Michel de Montaigne Jerusalem Delivered - Torquato Tasso Books from my Shelves From the top left hand corner of my shelves books that I have not read, I am thinking that there must be a reason why I have kept these books.

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